In Memory of Five Fallen Shipmates
12 August 1960

Poem written
Wayne M. Davis EN3, USN

Here we are moored at pier five
Thanking God we are alive
For it wasn't too many days ago
We lost five good men in a fire below.

We went to battle one Friday night
And that fire we began to fight
With odds against us at every turn
For two and a half hours the fire did burn.

We were seventy miles from the nearest land
When the Nimble offered a helping hand
That day we saw some gallant fighting
That one can't put down in words of writing.

We saved a ship that wanted to die
And when it was all over, some began to cry
A glimpse of hell was seen that night
And believe me, it isn't a pretty sight.

Many will remember our tragic loss
When once again we set sail on a course
For to sail these sweeps it takes good men
And we'll always be ready, if it happens again.

In Memory

Ensign David J. Gaignard
EN2 Jackie W. Byrd
EN2 Thomas S. Baker
EN3 William C. Glenn
EN3 Michael J. Nemeth

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